The Bulletproof Notion Workspace


Sold By: William Nutt


2023 UpdateBefore purchasing this product, I strongly encourage you to consider my newest and most comprehensive resource, Notion A-to-Z, which includes access to current and future versions of The Bulletproof Workspace and all other templates, among a multitude of other resources for maximizing Notion. I’d love to have you onboard.

The Bulletproof methodology draws from popular productivity systems and leading Notion experts to create a powerful framework for any workspace. Thousands of users have referenced it for their workspaces, and leading Notion consultants regularly adapt it for their clients.

As detailed in the video and Notion VIP post, Version 2.0 incorporated the latest Notion features and novel strategies from vanguards of the Notion community. Version 2.1 is even more robust, including the addition of Bulletproof Tasks. After duplicating the template and viewing the video, take a look at Bulletproof Workspace Versions to review the enhancements since v2.0.