Personal HQ


Sold By: Marie Poulin


This all-on-one template includes nearly ALL of the pages, databases + dashboards I use in my workspace with relational databases already connected, and is somewhat geared toward a personal/entrepreneurial setup.

This template assumes you have some knowledge and comfort with relational database properties, as the databases are already connected for you and ready to use.

“The templates alone will SAVE YOU HOURS AND HOURS OF WORK”
— Sandra Halling,


  • Projects
  • Areas:
    • Body+Mind+Spirit: Manifesto, Priorities, Ideal Day, Ritual
    • Recreation: Garden, Houseplants, Inventory
    • House + Home: Prepping, Art, House Projects, Home inspiration, Entertainment, Groceries + Meal Planning, Travel
    • Personal Finances: Personal Expenses, Personal Income Spending Flowchart, Donations
    • Relationships
    • Business: Client Portal Template
  • Resources (Knowledge Hub, Notes + Ideas, Tags, Words + Wisdom, Inspiration, Copystalking, People)
  • Planning (Goals, Outcomes, Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Journal)
  • Dashboards: Learning, Content Hub, Focus, Collect + Process, Ideation, Connect, Garden